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The Herring Group, Inc. Heat Treat Consultant Heat Treating Consulting The Heat Treat Doctor.com

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The HERRING GROUP, Inc. is a licensed Corporation in the State of Illinois providing Consulting, Industrial Education and Technical Support Services to industries across the United States and around the World since 1995.

Specializing in satisfying the needs of small, medium size, and large companies by applying our technical knowledge and practical experience. These efforts are supported by a vast library of information, both empirical and scientific from worldwide sources on all aspect of thermal treatment. We have successfully:

  • Conducted evaluations, including recommendations, of suppliers of furnaces and ancillary equipment, commercial heat treating services, and alternative approaches;
  • Investigated product failures;
  • Investigated equipment failures;
  • Conducted industrial education and training programs on all aspects of Heat Treating, and pre-audits of facilities;
  • Performed a variety of metallurgical investigations including root cause determination on product/component/equipment failures
  • Solved manufacturing problems related to heat treatment and material response;
  • Conducted detailed investigations, including development of heating treating and/or sintering processes and cycles;
  • Published articles and written editorials on key technical subjects as well as critical issues concerning our industry;
  • Performed alternative material and process investigations;
  • Created market awareness and technical alerts; state-of-the-industry reports and new technology/product investigations;
  • Provided full support services for consultation, training, metallurgical & testing assistance, management and marketing services.


The HERRING GROUP, Inc. shall not be held responsible, either as a Corporation or as individuals for the improper operation of or damage to equipment, or personnel injury or death resulting from misinterpretation or misunderstanding of the information provided either as a result of contact between our companies or from information obtained on this Website or from correspondence, in written or verbal form or by e-mail. Use of this Website indicates your acceptance of this Limit of Liability and supersedes any and all claims, terms and conditions, or legal recourse now or in the future.

Daniel H. Herring - The Heat Treat Doctor


Associate Research Professor

Monthly Columnist
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Daniel H. Herring
“The Heat Treat Doctor”