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The Herring Group, Inc. Heat Treat Consultant Heat Treating Consulting The Heat Treat Doctor.com

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The Herring Group, Inc. Heat Treat Consultant Heat Treating Consulting The Heat Treat Doctor.com

Technical Library

A complete list of our Technical Articles and Publications by subject is shown below. 
Click on your topic of interest to view the list.  Please e-mail us to obtain a specific article.

Carburizing/Carbonitriding: Technical information is provided on two (2) of the most common heat treating processes for case hardening (the others being nitriding and nitrocarburizing) used in different types of atmosphere and vacuum furnaces.

Chemistry: Technical data for education and engineering assistance is offered including basic information on various chemical elements and alloys used in the heat treatment industry.

Fasteners: Information about the heat treatment of fasteners, springs and wire forms are covered in a series of articles.
Ferrous Metallurgy: Technical articles focused on understanding the metallurgy of heat treating with particular emphasis on stainless and tool steels.

Gears: Gear heat treatment and metallurgy is discussed for both ferrous (iron and steel) and nonferrous gears commonly used in the heat treat industry.

General: Consulting information is provided in a number of areas including heat treat consulting, industrial education, problem solving, equipment troubleshooting and repairs.

Heat Treating, Atmosphere: Technical information on the safe use of atmospheres in all types of furnaces is discussed to help in the education of operators and users of heat treatment furnaces and ovens.

Heat Treating, Vacuum: Technical information on the processing of ferrous and nonferrous materials in all types of vacuum furnaces including tips on troubleshooting and repairs of common components used on vacuum heat treatment furnaces.

Industrial Heating Blogs (The Experts Speak): A listing of short technical articles and answers to frequently asked questions in the field of heat treating, metallurgy, materials manufacturing, equipment and maintenance posted on the Industrial Heating website (www.IndustrialHeating.com).

Maintenance: The Heat Treat Doctor explains both planned and preventative maintenance practices and procedures used in the heat treat industry based on his years of practical heat treat consulting and industrial education experience.

Manufacturing, Cellular: Learn how heat treat processes such as brazing, carburizing, carbonitriding, nitriding, and sintering can be integrated into the mainstream of manufacturing using lean manufacturing and Just-in-Time principles.

Metallurgy: Technical articles are provided on various metallurgy and metallurgical subjects as they relate to heat treating and the heat treat industry.

Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing: Understand how Dan Herring, The Heat Treat Doctor can help you learn about the nitriding and nitrocarburizing processes.

Nonferrous Metallurgy : Heat treat facts on a variety of nonferrous alloys including aluminum, titanium, and superalloys are covered in these papers.

Quenching, High Gas Pressure: The use of high pressure gas quenching technology is expanding in the heat treatment industry. The HERRING GROUP, Inc. is a leader in helping with instruction, education, and problem solving in this field.

Quenching, Oil: Oil quenching technology is a standard in the heat treat industry. Daniel H. Herring, The Heat Treat Doctor has written a number of technical articles on the subject of oil quenching both in atmosphere and vacuum furnaces.

Science: Basic science and fundamental principles are explained to provide engineering assistance on common science subjects needed in the heat treatment industry.

Sensors and Controls: The Heat Treat Doctor explains some of the more common heat treat sensors and controls for the ferrous and nonferrous heat treatment industry. Troubleshooting and repairs are also discussed.

Sintering: Power metallurgy is an expanding field. Let Dan Herring, The Heat Treat Doctor explain the technology so as to help in problem solving and heat treatment of P/M materials.

Testing: Various tests and test apparatus in the heat treating industry are explained in simple terms which The Heat Treat Doctor uses in his teaching, instruction, and industrial education classes.


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